How big is 18 cm Length ( 18cm to inches conversion chart)

Everyday, you move at least a unit of distance worth  calculating. Among the many of length, you might have a need to convert between more than one unit. In this article, we will see how to convert from centimeters to inches. Just as we have seen how much length is 14 cm in inches, when we’re done, you will also be able to compute 18 cm to inches and vice versa.

Let us get started with our cm to inches length conversion.

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Quick Overview

18cm to inches is equal a length of 7.086614173228346 inches. The number is long and difficult to understand. Before we go see how to convert 18cm to inches, a little definition of inches and centimeters will add some clarity.

What is a centimeter (cm)?

A centimeter, (centimeter) with symbol “cm” is one of the international standard and metric unit of length. One centimeter is equal  to 1/100th or 0.01 meter. In terms of other unit of distance, one centimeter is equivalent to 39.40 inches (1 cm = 39.4 inch)

What is an inch(in or ”)?

Inches is another distance measuring systems. Which is a well known US customary and British imperial unit. by equivalence, one inch is equal to 1/12th of a foot. Which in centimeters, the cm of 1 inch is a length of 2.54 cm.


Formula to convert 18 cm to inches

We need a factor to easily convert from cm to  inches. There are two methods, one is multiplication, the other is division. We already know what is the cm of 1 inch, which is 2.54cm.

The 18 cm to inches formula – by division

  • Length in inches =  length in centimeters divided by 2.54
  • Inches = centimeters/2.54

The cm to inches conversion factor here is the 2.54


The 18cm to inch conversion formula – by multiplication

  • Length in inches =  centimeters * 0. 3937007874015748
  • Inches = centimeters*0. 3937007874015748

Here, our conversion factor is the 0.3937007874015748


How many inches is 18 centimeters?

How many inches is 18 centimeters? If you are wondering what is 18cm in inches, see our 18 cm to inches calculations


What size is 18 cm in inches then? Actually, 18 centimeters = 7.086614173228346 inches.

But what is the secret to knowing that the number of inches in 18m is equal to 7.086614173228346 inch?

Using one of the formula above, if you simply multiply the 18 centimeter value by the  ‘0.3937007874015748’ which is the conversion factor, then you’ll get.

18 centimeters = 18 × 0. 3937007874015748 = 7.086614173228346 inches.


The 18 cm in inches (approximated values)

You can see that the number of inches in 18cm is really long and hard to understand. We can rearrange the results into understandable form – with fewer decimal places, whole numbers and fractions.

18cm in inches7.0Whole number
18 cm in inches7.1 inches1 decimal places
18cm to inches7.09 inches2 decimal places
18 cm to inch7.087 inches3 decimal places
18 cm to inches7.0866 inches4 decimal places
18cm to inch7.08661 inches5 decimal places
  • 18 cm in inches equals 7.086614173228346 inches = 7.0866 inches (4 decimal places)
  • 18 cm to inches is same as  7.086614173228346 inches = 7.09 inches (2 decimal places)
  • 18cm to inch as a whole number or integer = 7 inches approximated



How big is 18cm (approximated ) in inches?

Sometimes, we just need to round up values to whole numbers. IF your length calculation is not exactly 18 centimeters, but a number which can be approximated to 18, how many inches should be there?

Let us find out the inches in the centimeters of length nearer to figure 18. The rough values or range equal to 18cm is from 17.5cm to 18.49cm.

Approximately,  any number in the range 17.5 cm to 18.49cm can be rounded up to 18cm.

Approximated 18 cm to Inches conversion Table

Approx 18 centimeters18cm to inches 4 dp18cm in inches (1 dp)
17.5 cm6.8898 inches6.9 inch
17.6 cm6.9291 inches6.9 inch
17.7 cm6.9685 inches7.0 inch
17.8 cm7.0079 inches7.0 inch
17.9 cm7.0472 inches7.0 inch
18.0 cm7.0866 inches7.0 inch
18.1 cm7.1260 inches7.1 inch
18.2 cm7.1654 inches7.2 inch
18.3 cm7.2047 inches7.2 inch
18.4 cm7.2441 inches7.2 inch
18.49 cm7.2795 inches7.3 inch

Unit Conversion: 1cm / 2.54cm in = 0.3937007874 in = 25/64 in



Computing 18 centimeters in other distance measuring units

We have seen how to Convert 14cm to in. Let us see how much is 14cm in other units of length.

Units18 cm equivalence
Kilometers0.00018 km
Meters0.18 m
Decimeters1.80 dm
Centimeters18.0 cm
millimeters180 mm



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Wrap Up + FAQs

18 centimeters is equal to approximately 0 feet = 7 inches  = 11 miles in whole numbers. If you have to check your height and the accuracy is an important factor, the 18cm in inches is 7.17 inches.  The more the decimal places, the more the error is reduced. This means 18cm = 7.0866141732in is more accurate than 18cm = 7.0866in


 How many inches in a centimeter?

A length of one centimeter is equal to 0.3937 inches.

  • 1 centimeters in inches = 1cm / 2.54
  • 1cm to inches = 0.3937007874 inches (decimals)
  • 1cm into inches = 25/64 in (fraction)


How many centimeters in an inch of length?

One-inch distance is equal to 2.54 centimeters:

1in = 2.54×1in = 2.54cm


How to convert 10cm to inches

Divide the 10 centimeters by 2.54 or multiply the value 10 cm by 0. 3937. This gives 10cm in inches = 10cm / 2.54 inches which is equivalent to 3.937 inches

10cm to inches = 10 *0. 3937007874015748 inches = 3.937 inches


 What size is 15cm in inches?

What size is 15cm to inches? Multiply the value which is 15 centimeters by the conversion factor ‘0.39370078740222’. So, 15 centimeters = 15 × 0.393700787 = 15/2.54 = 5.905511811 inches.

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