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If you are familiar with imperial units like the foot (ft), you can always switch size, length, height and any other dimensions from centimeters to feet(cm to ft). That is typical of American. Likewise in your calculations, you can convert dimensions from feet to centimeters (ft to cm). Below is a free length conversion calculator form cm to ft and from ft into cm. Try it out!

Cm To Feet(Feet to cm) length Conversion Calculator

1cm = 1cm / 30.48cm/ft = 0.032808ft

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A foot (symbol: ft), is am imperial and US customary system of unit of measurement for length. By equivalence, a foot was taken to be exactly 0.3048 meters in 1959. In other units, one foot is around 12 inches. One other US customary unit is the yard, which is equal to three feet.

The measurement of a foot varied between 250 mm and 335 mm in the past, but at this modern times, a foot is roughly 304.8 mm. The international foot corresponds to human feet shoe size of 13 (UK), 46(EU), 14 (US male), and 15.5 (US female).

A foot had been useful in Greek, Roman, English, Chinese, and French systems of measurement. Today, the feet measurement is almost obsolete in these countries, but nevertheless, the foot is widely used in everyday size or distance measurements in the United States, Canada.



A centimeter, (centimeter) with the symbol “cm” is one of the international standard and metric unit of length. One centimeter is equal to 1/100th or 0.01 meter. The prefix, “centi” is one of the many metric prefixes (micro, nano, kilo, mega, centi, tera) used to measure length in meters.

The centimeter, or cm in the metric system is widely used in the world. The centimeter is used where there is a need for a smaller denomination of the meter. It is commonly used for measurement outside of the United States.

You will find inches widely used in industrial manufacturing, including medicine, science, government and consumer products in the US, and Canada. American students should be familiar with both metric and SAE system.


How to Convert Centimeter to Foot (cm to ft)

Here is how to convert from centimeters to feet: Feet = centimeters times 032808399

L(ft) = cm * 032808399 ft


L(ft) = L(cm) /30.48 ft

From there, you can deduce that One centimeter is equal to 0.032808 feet ( 1 cm = 0.032808399 ft) and that one foot is roughly 30.48 centimeters (1 foot = 30.48 cm).

Example how to convert cm into ft:

To convert 20 cm to feet: L(ft) = 20 x 0.032808399 = 0.656167979 ft.


How to convert feet to centimeters (ft to cm)

Let us go check how to convert feet into centimeters. We know 1 foot is equal to 30.48 centimeters (1ft = 30.48cm)

The distance L in centimeters (cm) is equal to the distance L in feet (ft) times 30.48:

L(cm)) = L(ft) / 0.032808399 ft


L(cm)) = L(ft) × 30.48


Exasmple in converting foot into cm

Here is how to convert 30 feet to centimeters. You just multiply 10 feet by 30.48 or divide 10 feet by 0.032808399 to get centimeters:

30ft = 30.48 × 30ft = 914.4cm (914.4 centimeters)


How many feet in a centimeter are there

One centimeter(1 cm) is equivalent to 032808399 feet (ft) or 1/30.5
That means, 1cm = 032808399ft = 1cm / 30.48cm/ft

How many centimeters in a foot?

Roughly, 30.48 centimeters makes one foot. This means 1ft = 30.48cm.

How to convert 10 feet to centimeters

How many cm into 10 feet length? 10 feet is equal to about 304.8 centimeters. We got this answer by multiplying 10 feet by 30.48 cm per foot and there you get result.
That: 10ft = 30.48×10ft = 304.8cm


Centimeters to Foot (cm to ft) Length Conversion table

Centimeters (cm)Feet (ft)
0.01 cm0.0003 ft
0.05 cm0.0016 ft
0.1 cm0.0033 ft
0.75 cm0.0246 ft
1 cm0.0328 ft
1.5 cm0.0492 ft
2 cm0.0656 ft
2.5 cm0.0820 ft
3 cm0.0984 ft
3.5 cm0.1148 ft
4 cm0.1312 ft
4.5 cm0.1476 ft
5 cm0.1640 ft
5.5 cm0.1804 ft
6 cm0.1968 ft
6.5 cm0.2133 ft
7 cm0.2297 ft
7.5 cm0.2461 ft
8 cm0.2625 ft
8.5 cm0.2789 ft
9 cm0.2953 ft
9.5 cm0.3117 ft
10 cm0.3281 ft
15 cm0.4921 ft
20 cm0.6562 ft
25 cm0.8202 ft
30 cm0.9842 ft
35 cm1.1483 ft
40 cm1.3123 ft
45 cm1.4764 ft
50 cm1.6404 ft
55 cm1.8044 ft
60 cm1.9685 ft
65 cm2.1325 ft
70 cm2.2966 ft
75 cm2.4606 ft
80 cm2.6246 ft
85 cm2.7887 ft
90 cm2.9527 ft
95 cm3.1168 ft
100 cm3.2808 ft
120 cm3.9370 ft
150 cm4.9212 ft
200 cm6.5616 ft
250 cm8.2020 ft
500 cm16.4040 ft
1000 cm32.8080 ft


ft to cm Length Conversion chart

Feet (ft)Centimeters (cm)
0.01 ft0.305 cm
0.05 ft0.1.524 cm
0.1 ft3.05 cm
0.5 ft15.24 cm
1 ft30.48 cm
2 ft60.96 cm
3 ft91.44 cm
4 ft121.92 cm
5 ft152.40 cm
6 ft182.88 cm
7 ft213.36 cm
8 ft243.84 cm
9 ft274.32 cm
10 ft304.80 cm
20 ft609.60 cm
30 ft914.40 cm
40 ft1219.20 cm
50 ft1524.00 cm
60 ft1828.80 cm
70 ft2133.60 cm
80 ft2438.40 cm
90 ft2743.20 cm
100 ft3048.00 cm

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